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Cream Cheese Pastry

1/4 lb Butter Or Margarine; Cut In Chunks
1/4 lb Cream cheese; (or cottage cheese)
1 c Flour
2 tb Sugar; optional

Steel Knife: Combine all ingredients in processor bowl. Process until dough forms a ball on the blades, about 18 to 20 seconds. Chilling is not necessary.

This dough freezes well. It may be used to make Roly Poly, Hamentaschen, any of the Rogelach recipes, Cheese Roll or Turnovers.

It is also great to make miniature quiches. Press about 1 Tbsp. dough into medium size ungreased muffin cups. Fill with any quiche filling. (It is not necessary to prebake the dough before adding the quiche filling.) Bake at 400'F about 20 minutes, until golden.

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