Saturday Night in the Prime of Life -

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Saturday Night in the Prime of Life

2 sl Bread, rye
2 sl Cheese, provolone, smoked
2 sl Cheese, provolone, aged
1/4 lb Mushrooms, fresh; sliced
Onions, green; sliced
Tomatoes, sun-dried

Toast the bread. Place a generous slice or two of one of the cheeses on the bread. Place sliced mushrooms on the cheese, top of with a few slices of the _other_ cheese (this way when you melt it the mushrooms get melted between the cheeses, yum). Top that off with heaping spoonfuls of pesto (and for goshsakes make your own; don't even dare use bottled pesto or, worse yet, pesto mix) and heaping spoonfuls of marinated sun-dried tomatoes (and don't use bottled marinated sun-dried tomatoes--buy 'em dried, reconstitute them a bit in boiling water, then toss them and some olive oil in a food processor and chop them up well. Mmmm.) Top it off with chopped green onions. Stick it in the broiler or microwave or whatever to melt the cheese. Eat and enjoy.

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