Rarebit and Fennel Salad -

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Rarebit and Fennel Salad

50 g Roquefort cheese
1 tb Milk
1 tb Fresh chopped parsley
1 100 gram piece undyed smoked haddock
1 sm Fennel bulb; shredded
1/2 Red onion; finely chopped
Garlic clove; crushed
1 Red finger chilli; deseeded and finely chopped
1 tb Chopped fresh chervil
4 tb Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Preheat the oven 220c/425f and heat the grill.

Mix the cheeses with the milk and parsley. Season with pepper.

Place the fish in a small ovenproof dish, cover with the cheese mixture and bake in the oven for 6-7 minutes. Mix the fennel with the onion, garlic and chilli.

Make a dressing with the chervil and oil. Season generously and dress the fennel. Finish the rarebit under the grill - it should be golden and bubbling - and then serve with the salad.

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