Mozzarella - Make your own -

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Mozzarella - Make your own

5 qt Whole milk
1 c Buttermilk
1/2 Rennet tablet

Bring milk to 86 F. Stir in buttermilk. Dissolve rennet in 2 Tbsp. cool water and add to the milk. In 45 minutes or so the curd should form. (It should break clean). Heat curd as hot as your hand can stand & break curd into small pieces with your hand. Stir & break until curds are firm and squeak when you chew on a few. Remove the pot from heat and skim off whey. (Save.) Drain curds and add salt to taste. Put curds into a press with cheesecloth around it overnight Heat whey to 180 F. Remove curd from press, unwrap and place in heated whey off the heat. Cover the pot and let cool. Remove cheese and let drain 24 hours.

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